November 28, 2017

Flower Wall

Elegant bespoke Flower Wall from Photo Mirrors NI | Belfast & Northern Ireland

PhotomirrorsNI are delighted to unveil the very latest addition to our collection!

Our bespoke 10ft by 7ft Flower Wall  is unrivalled in Northern Ireland.

We GUARANTEE that no other company can offer you a wall anything like this.

Framed in a chunky rustic frame imported from Italy and filled with 5 different types of flowers, our wall is practically bursting with texture and contrast like no other.

Our flower wall showcased at the Quirky Weddings Show in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall



The intrinsic elegance of this wall is further enhanced when combined with our 10ft cherry blossom canopy and our bespoke flower filled Mr & Mrs letters.

So unique is our wall that Quirky Weddings gave it pride of place in Septembers show.

If you’d like to feel a little bit like Kim Kardashian for a day, get in touch and ask us about suitability for your venue.


The most lavish flower wall in Northern Ireland